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I was glad he was straight with me ::

I was glad he was straight with me ::

Recently transferred to final title Julian Weigel spoke about Borussia Mönchengladbach in an interview with ElevenAbout the challenge embraced by the return to German football, as well as the moment when Roger Schmidt announced his departure from Benfica.

“When Roger Schmidt arrived we had a very frank conversation. He told me I was a great player, that he liked my style of football, but that he had a different idea and that he wanted a new player. I was glad he was straight with me because it’s not always like that in football. They tell you that you are the best, and then they try to sell you behind your back, ”said the German international.

“I saw him from day one, not only him, but the entire technical team, who has a special way of training and thinking about football that suits the players well. It is important for a coach to know what type of game is best for the players they have. Then there were proper reinforcements, too. It was noticed in training and also at exhibitions that something was growing. I wish you the best because you have always been honest with me. We spoke on the phone and he congratulated me when I went to Monchengladbach. It is something that does not usually happen », he added, despite the bitterness of not enriching his record, during his stay at the Estádio da Luz.

“There were things I didn’t like. I didn’t win trophies. It was something I hoped to achieve and the club deserved it. If I also deserve to be champion? I played three games at the start of the season, the ones that were there all year deserve to be champion. It doesn’t matter much, The most important thing is that Benfica is the champion. The club and the fans deserve it, ”he admitted, before taking stock of his first season at the new club.

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“It was a pleasure for me to find a solution in Mönchengladbach. I know the history of the club, it’s a big history in Germany. I feel good in the club and the team. Benfica are doing well and I know they wanted to find a solution,” he continued.

“Partly my heart felt that it would be good to win this title with Benfica. You watched the matches and followed them on Instagram, you saw the atmosphere of the team and, of course, you thought: It would be nice to be there, and I wanted to celebrate with them. But I’m happy for them and also for myself because the transition is complete and it’s a new step for me. I’m 100% sure it was a good solution for me and I’m sure it was a good solution for the clubs too,” concluded the German midfielder.

Julian Weigel