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"I was so upset with you..."

“I was so upset with you…”

Marco Costa was the runner-up in Famous Big Brotherwhich ended on Sunday 24th April.

On the morning of Monday, April 25, a pastry chef was present at “Two to 10” To talk about your trip.

During the conversation, Claudio Ramos took the opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding with Marco Costa: “I will confess to you something (…) I did not say much about your participation in the program. Because there was a time when I was a little upset with you. Because Maria and I talked a lot about you for a long time on another channel (SIC)”.

The former competitor ‘interrupted’ immediately between laughs: “not good” – It is assumed to live: “I was so upset with you. I didn’t want to come here.”.

Claudio Ramos explained: “I know and then one day, when we came, because I had already written about what your way was, you already praised what you did, you already said a million good things (…) when we came here (TVI) we invited you and then you didn’t She came and we knew why she didn’t come..

“Do you know what I felt? I felt, how she and I loved you so much and complimented your way so much (…) We looked at each other and thought: “What harm have we done to this boy, how is it possible?” – He confessed.

Marco Costa explained: “I know that was your job, I never understood this (red carpet) program” – He explained that he was also upset, on the TVI program, with Manuel Luis Jocha and Claudio Ramos, asking him about his relationship with Vanessa Martins after the breakup.

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“At the time I was on fire, I was really on fire” – I took on the. The presenter explained: “I didn’t know, I mean, I didn’t know. I swear to you I’m not really one to beat myself up or anything, but I thought it was really unfair. Two people have praised your work for so long…”.

Description: “The other day this program bothered me and I told Christina. I told everyone, by the way, I’m leaving my show (A Tarde é Sua) because it bothers me and no one has sent me away, I am, I don’t like being where I don’t feel good”.

“That day I was upset but he wasn’t with you. I had just broken up, and they called me to make dessert and suddenly, out of nowhere, they asked me questions. I said, ‘Excuse me, then I wonder why you didn’t come here again,'” I said. I don’t leave things without saying – He remembers.