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“I was very angry when he went to SIC,” Claudio admits

“I was very angry when he went to SIC,” Claudio admits

WCristina Ferreira and Claudio Ramos welcomed João Paulo Rodriguez to TVI's Dois à 10 program and talked about the artist's career, without forgetting his move to SIC.

After Cristina Ferreira recalled the call she received from João Paulo Rodriguez when she left TVI to go to the rival channel, Claudio Ramos was keen to make a direct confession.

“I was so angry when he went to SIC. I already told him.”“, said the broadcaster, referring to João Paulo Rodriguez.

“Of course, because it went where you wanted it to be for you.” Then Cristina Ferreira commented.

“That's right! But I always realized it and then I talked to him. I understood it perfectly, he suits me and I suit him.” At that time, if I had gone to Joao's house, I would not have been here today. It was completely different things,” added Claudio Ramos. “I was so angry, but now I really like it.”I finish.

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