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“I wasn’t exhausted before, I didn’t have many questions in my head”

“I wasn’t exhausted before, I didn’t have many questions in my head”

DrHaving been the mother for the first time last July – to twins Maria Ines and Maria Beatriz, as a result of her relationship with Gonzalo da Camara Pereira – Marta Faial decided to open her heart to talk about this new phase.

On her Instagram page, the actress shared a blast about motherhood and how her life has changed with the arrival of children.

“This whole process of being a mom and dad, no matter who you are… you have to tell… I’ve never been exhausted, I never had so many questions in my head…” I’ve reached this level of self-care that I forget because of times Eat meals one after the other. If it wasn’t for snacks and biscuits to save me,” he began by saying.

“Even to comb my hair, I forget… He washes my hair, I pick it up and that’s it… The priorities are re-set overnight. But at the same time, I don’t have a lot of energy, a lot of flexibility, calmness and patience. And when I say this I talk about all stages including pregnancy.”

“Every day we learn, adapt, experience, make mistakes and get it right and in the midst of all of this we have the privilege of seeing our children grow every day, the fruit of so much love. No one said it would be easy but I always said it would be a great adventure, and as tired as I am, I know we We were lucky.”

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