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"I wasn't expecting to find someone smoking..."

“I wasn’t expecting to find someone smoking…”

Júlio and Maria João are one of the four couples who make up this week on “O Amor Happen”. The couple will live in Casa do Campo, and in a snapshot of the daily “O Amor Yours” on Monday, July 19, Julio questioned his partner if she smoked or not.

Faced with the positive answer and the detail that Maria Joao smokes one pack a day, Julio reacted in front of the cameras: “I wasn’t expecting to find someone smoking. It’s something that made me so sad, I was so sad […] I think she still smokes a bit“.

This was followed by several questions from the competitor and one in particular, about whether Maria Joao had actually considered giving up, spurred a new reaction:This is not what I am looking for, I am not looking for someone to smoke and encourage them to quitHe said before explaining to the contestant:Maybe Julio encouraged me in this aspect“.

Assuming it is “against smoking,” Giulio explained: “What bothers me in these kinds of situations is physical contactIn a conversation with Maria Joao, she revealed the reason for not smoking: “I never smoked, thanks to my dad. At the time I was a rebellious boy, we had a coffee shop there and I was picking the butt off the ground and giving her some raisins. One day my father caught me in the back of the house and scolded me so badly that I was so afraid of him. Fortunately, that was when I never smoked again“.

Watch the video here.

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