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“I will send you a cup on your head…”

“I will send you a cup on your head…”

With the Big Brother deadline approaching, some of the competitors were getting tired, and in that sense, discussions were going on, especially with Debora. Among the most important were Antonio, Bruno and Rita, and Nadia’s rival has already expressed on several occasions that she has lost patience with her teammate.

On Friday, December 17, Rita carried herself with Anna Barbosa, Bruno and Ruy Pinheiro and got tired of being next to Deborah in the kitchen: “Sorry but I can’t be there with her in the kitchen or else I’ll send her with a glass on her head in a little while“.

Visibly upset, Rui Pinheiro advised Rita: “I’m going to change my Christmas gift for you and it’s really anger management scenes for two days“.

Rita thanked this gesture and once again explained the reasons why she was tired: “You have no idea, we had a recipe and she said, ‘But can I do it like this? I do this at home, can we put flour? Now can I make the ball like this? And if we do it like this? My brother is a confectioner, I don’t know what. Put your opinion somewhere I know, take a walk…“.

Watch the video here.

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