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“I would rather believe in science than look at conspiracy theories.”

“I would rather believe in science than look at conspiracy theories.”

FHello some memories of 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit Portugal, Diana Bouça-Nova started a recent post she shared on Instagram.

“In April 2020, it was raining, I was sitting in the news car waiting for a special GNR team to arrive from Lisbon to do, and accompany us, disinfect the house. In the meantime, I faced a challenge, and proposed to answer several journalists: record a video explaining the news that I wanted to share it about the pandemic. My answer was: A vaccine against covid-19 has already been created and tested,” he began by remembering on Thursday, July 22.

“April 2020. We didn’t know a third of what we know today, and yet it wasn’t that long ago. After knowing what it means to be infected, after pregnancy and the virus, and after the fear of being infected again at the time of childbirth, after all this… the day has finally arrivedShe also highlighted her happiness with the vaccination against the new Corona virus

I’m one of those people who prefer to believe in science and who don’t even want to look at conspiracy theories or the business world of the pharmaceutical industry. I am one of those who prefer the vaccine to the disease. And this is already much more than I could have imagined in April 2020.”

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