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Ice Hockey, World Cup: Germany beat Italy

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After the bump started, the German national ice hockey players celebrated a goal ceremony to kick off the World Cup.

In the opening match in Riga, national coach Tony Soderholm wiped out Italy 9: 4 (2: 2, 5: 0, 2: 2), the highest win in World Cup history against Assyria.

All 64 games! The Ice Hockey World Championship will be live on SPORT1 from May 21 to June 6

Two-time Stanley Cup winner Tom Gonhawk (16th), captain Moritz Mல்லller (19th), NHL striker Tobias Ryder (25th), prospective Munich Friedrich Defeles (28th), Berlin Marcel Nobles (36./ 39) Richel (38th) and Leo Bieferl (49th) and Matthias Plachta (43rd) from Mannheim scored goals for the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEP) exam, which came only three joint training sessions two weeks later without competitive training, but play hard. Then dominate the action at will.

“Overall, we can be satisfied in the beginning,” Gonhawk said SPORT1-Interview: “We can be happy with the result, but the first period was not what we wanted. I think it will be better as the competition progresses.”

Team mate Leo Fifertel also agreed. “Initially I think you noticed a certain tension, but it was normal for the first game. It was a game we wanted to win. After the first period we showed that we are the best team. Tomorrow it will be a completely different home number, but it’s a good step, it gives you confidence. , Provides peace and tranquility. “(Full Team Level Table)

Tony Soderhome issued a similar statement. “You have to be satisfied when we win very clearly. We played very well in the second period and did not give the opponent a chance. All the players were involved in the end. , We need to play a little more aggressively and directly towards the goal, “said the national coach.

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DEB team with a weak start

Olympic silver medalist Jonas Mர்ller received a penalty for misconduct after a dangerous mob test against Marco Rosa (40th). Alex Beaton (18th) and Luca Frigo (19th) took a 2-1 lead for the Italians, who were badly ruined after they produced 15 corona cases. Also, Anthony Bardaro (44th) and Daniel Frank (45th) won.

On Saturday, the DEB exam in the initial Group B is called back (World Cup 2021 in Riga, Group B: Germany – Norway, live from 11am on Saturday. SPORT1 On free TV and live stream). The second opponent, Norway, is a different talent than Azzurri, who only rose in 2018 and has been a regular in the upper class since 2006. The last three World Cup duels against the Scandinavians were lost.

In the first World Cup match after 729 days – due to the cancellation of the tournament in Switzerland last year – Soderholm had six World Cup debutants and seven players aged 25 or over. (World Cup 2021: All Games and Results)

Gonhawk: First goal in the first game

Finn has dropped young Munich star John Peterka, Dசsseldorf Daniel Bischoff and Strabinger Andreas Eder im Sturm and Wolfsburg defender Dominique Bitner, who have not yet been officially announced. Nuremberg goalkeeper Nicholas Truttle also sat on the stand.

For the first time in this development the DEB exam was on ice, with no actual rehearsal due to isolated terms. The junior got his first big chance: Richel, who only celebrated his 19th birthday on Monday, failed after a solo (8th). (Everything you need to know about the 2021 World Cup)

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Observing the “LA” series tour: Gonhawk met Ryder and Nico Groomer after the initial assignments of his Landshot youth colleagues. The former NHL striker also scored his last international goal in Riga: a decisive 3-2 win over Latvia in the 2016 Olympic qualifiers, which made possible the silver impression in Pyongyang in the first place.

Ryder and Noble meet well

Rachel’s bad bass started the surprising equation. The German team fell behind after 26 seconds, but Captain M முller responded immediately in his 159th international. The updated leadership is particularly noteworthy: the rider flipped the page into the corner with his backhand. The Defenders used the second power play 4: 2. Game for reading on live ticker)

The DEB exam was now very aggressive and determined to work. Like a baseball player, Nobles also hit the goal net from the air for a decisive fifth goal. In the five-minute deficit that put Jonas Mல்லller out, Plato hit the front, but had two shots on the back.

Shorthand game:

Germany – Italy 9: 4 (2: 2, 5: 0, 2: 2)
Tear: 1: 0 Gonhawk (15:56), 1: 1 Botton (17:42), 1: 2 Frico (18:07), 2: 2 Moritz Mல்லller (18:44), 3: 2 Ryder (24:23) , 4: 2 Defels (27:47), 5: 2 Nobles (35:13), 6: 2 Richel (37:52), 7: 2 Nobles (38:35), 8: 2 Platza (42:52) , 8: 3 Bardaro (43:22), 8: 4 franc (44:06), 9: 4 Fifterl (48:41)
Viewer: No.
Penalty minutes: Germany 9 plus time discipline (Jonas Mல்லller) – Italy6

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