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Icelandic series 'Katla' unites science and folklore

Icelandic series ‘Katla’ unites science and folklore

The Brazilian viewer and reader remembers Iceland almost always through a few symbols: the poetry collections known as Kininjar, worshiped by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, the epic poem Ida (thirteenth century) and the singer Bjork. The new vision of Iceland is now accessible to viewers from more than 160 countries.

June 17, 2021, aired boiler, the first Icelandic series originally produced by Netflix. Baltasar Kormacor Signs the trend and co-creates with the writer and producer Sigurgon Kjartanson. Excellent text signed by Davis Mar Stefansson e Lilja Sigurðardóttir, and has a collaboration of creators.

boiler It is a volcano located in southern Iceland and erupts at intervals of 50 to 80 years. It is partially covered by the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and lies east of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The nearest village is in the north and is called Vík í Mrdal.

In the series, Catla breaks out and Vick is forced to evacuate. Amidst an ocean of ash, only a few of them remained. One event exacerbates the situation: the appearance of a naked stranger, covered in ashes, identifying himself as Gunhild (Elite Opium).

The protagonist is Gríma, played by artist and singer Guðrún Ýr EyfjörðHe becomes one of the principal investigators of the mysteries that begin to unfold in the village. Because? Because your sister Asa (Iris Tania Flygenring), who died a year ago, reappeared under the same conditions. The childhood of the sisters, marked by the suicide of the mother, is represented in flashbacks in succession by the actresses Agata Árnadóttir e Colvina Uradottir.

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In addition to the shock created by this “resurrection”, the mechanic Tor (reads Thor, who plays Ingvar Sigurdsson), the father of Grima and sa, still has to deal with two ghosts from the past, both related to young Gunhild and a character coming from Sweden to meet him again. Also called Gunhild, she is the mother of young Björn (Walter Skarsgard).

Leading Geological Investigations Dare (Bjorn Thors). Delegate Gisley (Thorsten Bachmann), participated in personal dramas with his wife Magna (Solig Ernarsdottir), ends up being an opponent of the village rather than an ally in the explanations. The spectator should pay special attention to Burgerin (Guðrún Gísladóttir). After traveling the world, the owner of the Vík hotel devoted herself to ancient rituals. It is a blind spot in the narrative. It has an in-kind function (provides clues about puzzles).

Multiculturalism has been one of the streaming giants’ priorities: productions inspired by each country’s indigenous narratives, characters, and cultures. In this regard, boiler Follows in the line of recent successes such as Invisible City(2020), a series by Carlos Saldanha based on Brazilian folklore.

ruling idea)Robert McKee) and/or legend (Northrop Free) and consultants boiler, between folklore and science. They are called change, entities of Icelandic culture. They represent the broader themes (Lévi-Strauss) of “mutual children” found in fairy tales and other cultures. According to the belief, the children of fairies or trolls (factors of instability) are replaced by identical human children.

John Arnason (1819-1888), writer and director of the Icelandic Reykjavik Museum, was one of the first collectors of these tales in my two volumes Icelandic legends (1862, 1864). Both he and American folklorist de Ashlemann have highlighted one aspect of the changes: their personality does not change. These and other characteristics of these doubles (Doppelgänger) are highlighted in the series, especially by Bergrún.

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However, folklore acquires more complexity when combined with science. Dare discovers that the entities are “fabricated” by an extraterrestrial element (or intelligence) activated by volcanic eruptions. The barrier between the natural and the supernatural, between belief and science, between Katla volcano and the universe is weakening and becoming more and more weak.

One of the reasons for the biggest discussion among fans already moving online has to do with the ending. Grima’s relative ‘interchange’ and the ‘play’ she created with her alter mysteriously closes season one.

Although the second season has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, this ending suggests that the trend should be a growing struggle between the body and soul of human change. if boiler Betting on this course of tension between science and myth, the viewer can wait for not just a second, but a few seasons of high-quality audiovisual narration.