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“If it was difficult, it was, but he was the breadwinner…”

“If it was difficult, it was, but he was the breadwinner…”

On Friday, June 11, Isabel Figuera was on TVI’s “Gosha” by Manuel Luis Gocha. The actress and presenter, during the conversation, ended up remembering the stage when she started working as a DJ.

He revealed that the invitation came at the end of the “Top +” project that he presented alongside Francisco Mendes, on RTP1, and that he accepted the challenge:

“It’s been bread and butter for a few years, it was hard (…) not in the early days because I was still with João, it was very difficult after that, I was unemployed, alone, with two kids, I didn’t have TV work, it was I have to do a lot of ways but look, that was very helpful”She said she moved.

Isabel Figueira reported that she had grown a lot during this period and then highlighted the words her children – Rodrigo, now 14, and Francisco, now eight – said to her at that time:

Saturday nights were busy and they would say, ‘Mom, we only ask for one thing, Mom should be here on Sunday when we wake up’ and often I went, got into the cab at 3:30 in the morning, came in the car, arrived at 7:30 in the morning and was on their heels and it was Sunday for them. If it was hard, it was, but it was my livelihood, and I’m so proud (…) It was so helpful, it was so hard (…) But I really enjoyed putting on the music”, I acknowledge.

Watch the moment here.

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