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"If it wasn't for my wife, I wouldn't be here anymore..."

“If it wasn’t for my wife, I wouldn’t be here anymore…”

On Tuesday, June 29, Manuel Luis Gocha’s conversation with Hugo Strada was broadcast on the program “Gocha”, following accusations against YouTubers of sexual and financial exploitation of minors belonging to the Strada team, which Hugo created in order to promote it. Younger dreams.

The case erupted in 2019, when a young Hugo Strada was kissed on the lips during the Strada team’s participation in ‘Curto Circuito’ on SIC Radical. Several accusations followed, and the YouTuber was indicted for child sexual abuse and other sexual crimes, which led to the opening of an investigation by the Public Prosecution Office and the Attorney General’s Office, which culminated in a filing on May 20 due to a lack of evidence.

There were never excessive behaviors, there were distorted behaviors. The Strada team is currently on a standstill, but there are still people working with me. The struggle he had during those two years was heavy for me and for the guys who were part of the team.Hugo Strada explains.

In an interview in which he gave his version of the facts, after the case was closed, Hugo Strada admitted what he had lost in the past two years: “[Perdi] Hope! He started looking at me from the side, I was banned everywhere, I released two songs, Nobody wants me on TV to perform, I’m a taboo! I actually got a feel for what censorship is, and how it feels to be pushed aside for something I didn’t do. I lost hope a bit… I opened the TV news to things I didn’t do“.

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Hugo Strada claimed that he had been manipulating the photos, also opening his heart about how his life had been in the past two years, until the decision was announced: “hard to explain […] I can tell you waking up every day is horrible. Right now, I have a lot of responsibility above me, I have a lot of people in my charge, a lot of people who need me to move to motivate them, I have over 30 agents, I’ve never had fewer people, I’ve got more people, I’ve created more projects I continued to work, and simply hid so that I could work in peace“.

If it wasn’t for my wife, he wouldn’t be here anymore! I gave up on life!”, reveals Hugo Strada, who does not suspect that they have ‘finished’ with him in the past two years.

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