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If officially invited, says Ricardo Galvão, he would agree to lead the science portfolio in Lula's government

If officially invited, says Ricardo Galvão, he would agree to lead the science portfolio in Lula’s government

Researcher Ricardo Galvão, the former director of the Institute for Space Research (INPE) who was fired after refuting Bolsonaro’s attempts to disqualify deforestation data measured by the agency, says he would accept the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology if Lula is elected. , if you are officially invited.

Galvão asserts that he was approached for the position by members of the presidential campaign, however, Contrary to what was reported in the newspapers on ThursdayHe could not have been contacted directly by former minister Sergio Resende, who is currently responsible for drafting Labor proposals for the region.

“What happened is that groups from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo working on Lula’s campaign asked me if my name had been proposed to the Minister of Science and Technology, that’s it. I said I agreed, but I had no direct contact with Lula’s team,” he said. For ((x)) Echo.

Galvão was then asked if he, if officially invited by Lula’s direct campaign team, would accept to take charge of the portfolio in a future Labor government. “If I were officially invited, I would have accepted.”

Ricardo Galvão is internationally known for his defense of science and against Bolsonaro’s attacks. In 2019, the researcher was treated as a hero and nominated by the scientific journal Nature as the top 10 Science Important Persons of the year.

For the same reasons, in 2021, the professor at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Physics was awarded the Prize for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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Galvão is currently a candidate for federal deputy for Sao Paulo through the network and, if elected, says he intends to form a “scientific seat” in Congress.