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If she hadn’t been caught, she would have already died.

“a Sarah is a beautiful actress. Sara lives to act.” Vitor Norte did not skimp on praising his daughter, Sara Norte, while speaking to Manuel Luis Jocha.

The actor was also on TVI’s Goucha, on Monday, April 10, and ended up talking about his daughter and her arrest moment, still lamenting Sara Norte’s lack of opportunities in the acting field.

She must still suffer from being a prisoner.Vitor Norte commented.

He added, “Since her arrest, the label of the former convict has been suspended and I do not know when it will take off, but it must take off because it is impossible to deal with talent,” indicating that he approached him. Daughter when she was arrested in Spain for drug trafficking.

“I had to come closer. I didn’t know about Sarah, I didn’t know what was going on because she ran away from me, disappeared from the family.”, He said. The actor said he heard the news of his daughter’s arrest from a journalist during a play he was performing with Joao Lagarto.

“I was in shock. She was in prison, especially in Spain, and I went to see her as quickly as I could.”He remembers.

When explaining what the reunion was like, he said: “It was so simple. Sarah should have expected me to go in there screaming and everything tough, but no. I walked in and looked at her and said, ‘Sarah, you’re lucky you’re in jail.'” Arrested, in the life she was leading, she had already disappeared from the world of the living, she had already died. For me it was unusual for me to say to her: “Daughter, let’s not discuss anything, you were lucky that you were caught” and saved- if “.

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Finally, he affirmed:The girl has already been caught, and she has already paid for what she did. Everyone makes mistakes, some more than others, but it has really pushed society. Why don’t they give him a job when he knows how to do it well? “.

It should be noted that Sara Norte is currently one of the regular commentators on SIC’s “Red Carpet” programme.

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