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If the alternative is No Vax, then science rivals anything but humanity's defeat.

If the alternative is No Vax, then science rivals anything but humanity’s defeat.

If the alternative is No Vax, then science is nothing to rival. However, humanity was defeated without the possibility of appeal.

Pandemic, distancing, scary leaflets, locks and curfews, masks everywhere, tampons, vaccinations: if the alternative to all this is a wild ideology, we have a serious problem.

Not that the opening roster is hierarchical or particularly good, far from that, the past eighteen months have been intrusive and conditioned for each of us.

But if the reaction of fear is the masked contradiction in the image of truth, then something is wrong.

We write No Vax, we read the contradiction.

The “no fax” ideology against so-called lobbying policies is simple and straightforward.

Also, everyone should understand it. The easier the logic of thinking, the more logical the thinking. And logical reasoning must necessarily be correct, don’t you think?

(If a human foot has a flat sole, then the ground must be flat, otherwise we will bend our feet or not get stuck on the ground. Watson Elementary!)

Even if we want to delve deeper into the contents brought to the scene, we can read a strong contradiction and strong historical ignorance. Maybe it’s enough to stop and think, but the key word that ignites hearts relentlessly is always and only “fight”.

We’re fighting big pharma, but it’s not understandable that if you don’t vaccinate, you’ll find more profitable health treatments for these giants.

We fight for duties related to public health, but without realizing that they result from the rights that every citizen has with regard to his health.

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Finally, we fight the “dictatorship of health” that invokes the rule of law, but without realizing that the violent imposition of de-radicalization is an extremist and dictatorial behaviour.

Moreover, if it was a royal dictatorship, the first 50-100 who took to the streets would probably have been beaten, injected with poisonous and spicy substances, and then released dying in the public square. Others could be “caught” at night and forced into hiding.

This happens in dictatorships.

flock and sheep

The most intelligent philosophical principle one can hear is the theory that the name “herd immunity” derives from the fact that whoever is vaccinated is a sheep on which the shepherd (the government, we think) works without hesitation.

How do you respond to this?

In fact, the answers are not necessary. This sudden, asynchronous movement sees the appearance of many decorated gentlemen who took the opportunity to make impromptu stages – and turned on a microphone.

It is sad to see a (small) part of humanity encourage smoke-sellers and pedestrians a tightrope of demagogy and vulgar rhetoric designed to evoke passions in half-full or half-empty squares.

Perhaps if we invested more in culture and the development of civic sense and human qualities in general, no one today would be within reach of those who praise the doctrine of the state and at the same time attract apostates through secret indoctrination methods.

It would be appropriate to make a true inversion, without always blaming the TV, because this intellectual atrophy does not only thrive on sofas.

Science brings the facts, and if a surrogate passes through a loudspeaker or a dirty wall, it really has nothing to compete with.

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