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“If there are children and stepson, you are the eldest daughter!”

“If there are children and stepson, you are the eldest daughter!”

On Monday, December 13, Big Brother challenged competitors to prepare Manal to a colleague, and it was introduced in the early afternoon.

The last performer was Rui Pinheiro, and Ana Barbosa was the target: “I didn’t know the Army was hiring from the Paralympics. But don’t worry, I’m going to do a batch here in case someone wins the program to get you a new hip.”‘, he began by saying.

You look so great today, have you done something to your hair? I think Pink sees a vision for the future of your middle-aged self. You have a lot in common with your mother or it is the fact that she is a Portuguese teacher and you are a Portuguese killer. I really love talking to you, I always understand better when they repeat the same thing to me six times and shoutAdded the personal trainer.

So, is it true that this isn’t your first contact with fame? Tell me, how do you feel about Miss Praia Milfontes to be a reformer?The opponent continued, then said: “There are many tasks in the house can also be the movie “Mission Impossible”. Ah well, your missions are invisible, because no one notices them“.

“You like Switzerland so much, don’t you? Is that why your feet smell like fondue? “

Roy Pinheiro entertained his colleagues with “barbecue,” albeit with some scathing criticism: “If there are children and stepson in this program, you are the eldest daughter! I still don’t know if this is Big Brother’s house for you or if it’s Big Brother’s confession house“.

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You said the other time that your dream was to be a pharmacist, but from what I see here, you actually have a pharmacy in the recognition center. If you keep this up, I’ll ask Big to replace the hot chair with a wheelchairRoy Pinheiro, who concluded his ‘grill’ with a joke, said:You like Switzerland a lot, don’t you? Do we agree? Is this why your feet smell like fondue?“.