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If there is any doubt, the Russian beauty confirms the betrayal of our Thiago Jaquita, in 'Casados'

If there is any doubt, the Russian beauty confirms the betrayal of our Thiago Jaquita, in ‘Casados’

The story of Thiago Jacquetta, 32, and Dina, 33, could be the script of one of Hollywood’s beautiful films.But what appears, to many, to be a product of imagination, is all the more powerful when it is the purest of facts.

these Married at first sight They were preparing to build their beautiful love story when, During the honeymoon, on the island of Sal, in Cape Verde, a man from Sesimbra madly fell in love with Anna SheribinanovaAnd so he ends up cheating on his new wife.

What was meant to be the beginning of a fairy tale has become real nightmareHowever, the couple considered getting back together again. Sesimbra’s fiancée accepted to continue the “marriage”. In the first engagement meeting is I stood next to Dina and even apologized for what happened. agreed and He made himself available for another try. However, this “peace treaty” is short-lived and Thiago and Dina’s marriage ends in collapse at the second commitment meeting. Through this storm of emotions and feelings, Thiago is still trying to justify the unexplained excuses But in reality, I never wanted a serious commitment. It is already known that He wants a divorce and Dina refuses to sign the papers to edit it.

Tiago and Dina’s wedding pictures on ‘Casados’

it’s known He left for the woman he was engaged to in Cape Verdebut SIC forbade disclosing it with another woman Until the result of the marriage is released in the program. However, if there is any doubt, sensual The Russians confirmed everything via social networks. Since the betrayal became public, there have been many Ask questions to Anna Cherepenanovaon social networks. Among them, the Russian replied that she had never visited Portugal, but that she wanted to know this “wonderful country as soon as possible” and that He just likes ‘Portuguese boy’ and he’s ‘linked’..

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