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Windows 11 Autenticação.Gov app problemas Microsoft

If you are using the Autenticação.Gov application, you will have problems installing Windows 11

We are just a few days away from knowing the release of Windows 11 and everything Microsoft has prepared for this new operating system. It is known that there are many novelties and that they will change the way this system is used a lot.

This system has been undergoing testing for months to ensure that there is nothing complicated in the system, but it appears that one bug has been left. It seems that it only affects Portuguese users and will bring problems for those who want to upgrade to Windows 11. The error lies in the Autenticação.Gov app.

Although this issue is only getting more attention now It is starting to be reported By many users in July this year. The Microsoft forums had the first complaint of problems when upgrading to Windows 11.

The complaint was the same for everyone and it resulted in a green screen in the upgrade process being rolled back to the previous version. The reasons have been slow to emerge, as they have always been related to driver problems and the build of the Insiders program itself.

After some analysis, and after realizing that all the complaints came from Portuguese users, The reason has been revealed. Everything is concentrated in an application that many users in our country are used to. We are talking about the Autenticação.Gov application created for the AMA (Administrative Modernization Agency).

The reason, which was revealed later, is concentrated in a single letter and its use in registering security keys for Windows vendors. The presence of the letter O in the name of the Mobile Key Digital Key Storage Provider caused the problem.

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By removing this character or removing the Autenticação.Gov application, the problem is gone, which can link the problem to the application directly. However, since there is not the same thing in Windows 10, it was clear that the flaw is in Windows 11 and the way it handles this and similar character.

Of course, Microsoft is already focused on solving the problem, but it doesn't want to commit to solving it anytime soon. This means that there is no guarantee that on October 5th these users will be able to upgrade to Windows 11.