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If you like Elite on Netflix, check out this brutal series!

If you like Elite on Netflix, check out this brutal series!

Considering that there are a lot of brutal series on Netflix but unfortunately they are on the verge of ending, it seems that the platform is currently facing the difficult task of finding suitable alternatives for each. As is the case in Stealing money or even from elite. Two really brutal Spanish chains we will miss a lot.

So, after a short while, we saw a good chain to replace it Stealing money, being not more or less than red skyNow, it’s time for Elite, too, to appoint a good replacement. A Mexican series called Control Z is currently a huge hit around the world.

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If you like Elite on Netflix, check out this brutal series!

Therefore, Control Z released its first season on Netflix until 2020. Since it was a huge success, this second season until the premiere date already. You’ll be able to see it from August 4th onwards.

Thus, Control Z tells the story of a lonely but very attentive teenager. Who decides to investigate further an issue that has plagued the school. This is evident, after an unknown hacker began spreading secrets from various students to everyone. Which caused a wave of depression and shame to others…

Many say this might actually be the perfect series to replace the Elite. Which, despite not having the same theme, ends up offering a very identical environment. Where the worst of both worlds, teens and confusion…

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In short, Control Z is well positioned to become one of the biggest name chains on Netflix and to replace Elite. This is clear, if progress is made slowly and carefully so that it does not end up disappointing yet another for everyone.

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