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If you need to believe, do it today.  Fuel will become more expensive

If you need to believe, do it today. Fuel will become more expensive

sAnd you need to fill up your car, the best thing is to go to the pumping station on Sunday, as fuel prices will become more expensive from tomorrow onwards. An industry source said diesel would be 2 cents more expensive and gasoline 2.5 cents more expensive. News by the minute.

Currently, the average price of simple diesel is 1,707 euros per liter, while simple 95 gasoline costs 1,754 euros per liter, according to data from the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG).

Last week, the average weekly price, calculated by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority, fell by 1% for gasoline and 1.2% for diesel, according to a report.

According to the regulator, for the week from October 16 to October 22, “the effective price before taxes is 0.840 euros/liter for simple gasoline 95 and 0.974 euros/liter for simple diesel,” and after taxes it is 1.745 euros/liter per litre. Simple 95 gasoline and 1.743 euros/liter for simple diesel.

The institute noted that the effective price “recorded an update compared to last week by -1.0% for gasoline and -1.2% for diesel, taking into account the weekly variation in simple global oil prices 95 gasoline by -2.2% and -2.2%.” Simple diesel -2.4%.

On the other hand, regarding the previous week “it was found that the average selling price to the public announced on the bridges, and announced at Balcão Único da Energia, was 7.8 cents/litre higher than the actual price, in that week, in the case of simple gasoline 95, And 3.6 cents/litre, higher in the case of simple diesel.”

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