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"Ignatius" spreads across the country: signs indicate storm | - News

“Ignatius” spreads across the country: signs indicate storm | – News

Status: 20.10.2021 7:38 p.m.

The first autumn storm of the year develops in the Horse Mountains. This is especially dangerous in high places. Thursday low “Ignatius” roams the North Sea coast and islands.

Due to the strong winds, the National Park Administration and the Lower Saxony State Forest Department have announced that forests in Horse will not be allowed to enter. “The first autumn storm hit the dense forest, thinning out the bark beetle damage,” said Christian Schulz, executive chairman of the Glastal Forestry Office. Branches may break and trees may fall. Strong winds and hurricane force winds are expected again in the Horse area and Broken from Thursday morning. In the evening the wind continues to pick up speed.

A light storm is expected along the North Sea coast

Hurricane-like winds are likely in the North Sea. On Thursday, winds will return from the west to the northwest. The beach is prone to aftershocks in the afternoon and flooding on Friday. As the storm winds up to strength 10 from the west and northwest, the average wave will accumulate about one meter higher than the high water. The Lower Saxony State Office for Water Management, Coastal and Nature Conservation (NLWKN) has announced a storm surge warning service in the north that could cause beaches and front lands to flood.

The Eastern Frisian were preparing for the autumn storms

NLWKN spokesman Carsten Lippe stressed that mild storms are not uncommon in the fall and winter. Tourism and health companies along the coast were prepared for the storm season and the coast guard. Firefighters in eastern Frisia are well prepared for the first autumn storm. In view of the weather forecast, Mayor Ward in Pobbenburg is considering postponing the MS flyover of “AIDAcosma” scheduled for Friday.

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