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Igor Sampaio, the "Médico de Família" and "Morangos Com Açúcar" actor who kept us on TV for over 40 years passed away - Showbiz

Igor Sampaio, the “Médico de Família” and “Morangos Com Açúcar” actor who kept us on TV for over 40 years passed away – Showbiz

Igor Sampaio, the stage name of João Luis Duarte Ferreira, has been in hospital since August 31, where he was admitted urgently, due to a cerebral vascular accident (CVA) he had suffered the day before.

The news of Igor Sampaio’s hospitalization on Wednesday was provided by fellow actor Joel Branco on his Facebook and Instagram pages on social media, hoping his “great friend” would “quickly” get better.

“I don’t know if humans like him are still made! (forgive my colleagues), but he was the one who cheered me the most when I was with my existential craving,” read Joel Branco’s posts.

Born in Ponta Delgada on December 29, 1944, Igor Sampaio made his debut in 1967, and in recent years has worked with A Comuna. The actor was part of the cast of Telenovela “Mulheres”, which was shown on TVI.

Actor Igor Sampaio “data-title=”Actor Igor Sampaio – Igor Sampaio, the “Family Doctor” and “Morangos Com Açúcar” actor who has kept our company on TV for over 40 years, is dead – SAPO Mag”>

“Scapin Tricks” (2020), “Trigorin Notes” (2018) and “Play Strindberg” are among the plays by the company directed by João Mota in which Igor Sampaio has taken the podium in recent years.

Before becoming an actor, he was a design assistant at the Teatro Monumental, under the direction of costume designer and set designer Pinto de Campos.

“A Cabeça do Baptista”, “Blood Tie” and “Sacrilégio” were some of the pieces he presented at Casa da Comédia, between 1970 and 1971, after he also signed for costumes and collections.

“Like a Hundred Coins de Oero”, for which he performed the sets, and the interpretation in “O rapto das cebolinhas”, are other plays in which he entered that theater in the recently demolished Lisbon.

After April 25, 1974 and until 1979, Igor Sampaio was part of a magazine theater in plays such as “Até seems a lie”, “O bombo da Festa”, “E tudo S. Bento took” and “Rei captain a thief soldier”.

Between 1979 and 2001 he was part of the cast of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, where he participated in plays such as “As Três Irmãs”, “O Judeu”, “As Furias” and “Rei Lear”, among others.

The actor’s curriculum also includes work with Novo Grupo / Teatro Aberto, in the 1980s, and at Teatro da Trindade, after 2000, in shows such as “A disobediência”, “O dia das Lies” or “Os Maias no Trinity”.

Igor Sampaio was also part of the dance group “Verde Gaio” and was also a painter.

Igor Sampaio also has a long career in TV series and TV series, such as “Mau tempo no channel”, “A banker of the people”, “Mr. Minister”, “Vidas de Sal”, “Ballet Rose” and “The process of Távoras” and ‘Lusitana Paixão’, ‘Old Friends’, ‘A ferreirinha’ and ‘Father to force’, for RTP, between the decades of 1970 and 2010.

“Ecuador”, “Strawberry with Sugar”, “Super Dad”, “Good Neighbors”, “Everything for Love” and “Women” are some of the works in which he participated, for TVI, while he was part of the SIC series of series such as “Links” Blood” or “Perfeto Curacao” or “A Familia Mata”.

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