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IJUP 2024 has opened the “doors” of science to students of the University of Porto

IJUP 2024 has opened the “doors” of science to students of the University of Porto

Over the past few months, Ines Lemos has dedicated herself to studying water skills for first-year students at the College of Sports. Ana Vistas has swapped her classroom for the Immunophysiology and Pharmacology Laboratory at the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS), where she studies obstructed bladder. From 10 to 12 May, these were just two of more than 1,000 “stories” gathered at the University of Porto’s Faculty of Economics (FEP), Theater of the Revolution 17th edition of IJUP – Youth Research Meeting in Porto.

From architecture to psychology, including criminology, geography, literature or chemistry. Over the course of three days, the latest scientific discoveries in the various fields of knowledge taught at the university were discussed by voices more than 1000 students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels Who participated in one of the largest ever editions of the Youth Research “Conference” in U.Porto.

“It is one of the greatest tasks of the University of Porto, as a research university, to present research to students as soon as possible, allowing them to connect with our research units. In this 17th edition, we had a record participation, with around 1,100 participants and around 300 presentations in over 50 parallel sessions. Pedro RodriguezVice Chancellor of the University of Porto in charge of Research and innovation.

Attending the first year of the Master in Sports Coaching – High Performance Coaching and Youth Coaching at FADEUP, Ennis Lemos He believes that “participation in IJUP is very important because it is a gateway to the scientific field.” On the other hand, “it is very gratifying to be able to reveal all that we have discovered, things that might have never been said, that other people would never have thought about.”

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Anna Vestasa Master of Legal Medicine student at ICBAS, also sees added value in IJUP: “There are not many events like this in Portugal. It is a way for young people to interact with each other in research, it helps to understand what other groups are studying and we always have destinations.” Another look to enhance research.

The big news this year was the move to the corridors and halls of the Fuel Enrichment Centre, where participants found “fantastic conditions” to deliver their presentations. An option worthy of a “word of thanks” from Pedro Rodriguez, shared with “all the supervisors who followed the presentations” and with “those who welcomed the students into their research units to do their work.”

to Other videosvisit The official channel of the University of Porto on YouTube.