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“I’m ashamed to even think about this…”

“I’m ashamed to even think about this…”

MOn the afternoon of Tuesday, November 28, Anuel Luis Gocha spoke with Brazilian singer Adriana Lua, but the interview ended with a confession… from the broadcaster himself.

Ghosheh, who was already about to say goodbye, revealed his happiness with the artist’s participation. “I have to tell you that sometimes I end up being a bit biased.”The veteran media personality pointed out, who shortly after justified these statements.

“When they told me Adriana was coming, I thought: ‘But what will I know about Adriana Lua? “What story do you have to tell me?” I admit, I doubted that.“, said Gocha, who then added his surprise at the direction of the conversation. “You have an amazing story, I even feel embarrassed to think about this because you have one of the most inspiring stories I have ever known, because of the resilience, courage, struggle and success you have achieved. Thank you so much.”He finished.

look here this moment.

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