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I'm going 2000km to party in Ibiza

I'm going 2000km to party in Ibiza

The Englishman told VG that he expects to arrive at the club with enough energy.


Henry Morse (21) from Macclesfield, England, always liked to throw a good party. That's why he had long dreamed of going to Ibiza, an island known specifically for parties.

The dream was reinforced when he recently contacted one of the owners of the O Beach Club in Ibiza, Wayne LinekerWayne LinekerYounger brother of football legend Gary Lineker..

They met each other: Maurice told VG that he called Wayne Lineker because he is a well-known man who many associate with Ibiza.  They met here after the 21-year-old sent a message.

Morris promised to embark on a 2,000km trip to Ibiza if Lineker responded, according to the Independent. woman.

he did.

– I'm very excited and I want to go there now, says Maurice to VG.

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Expect a real party

The plan is for the trip to take two months and begin on March 2. Morris is expected to arrive at the club on May 2.

Torglad: Maurice finds it fun to challenge himself with long exercises.  And here he is on his way to Paris.

-But aren't you a little tired from partying when you arrive?

-You always have the energy for a good party. I think it will go well.

What is your final destination for the party?

Hiking is nothing new for the 21-year-old.

This fall he collected 20,000 pounds, or 260,000 kroner more Charitable purposesCharitable purposesTo raise money or provide support for organizations that help people, animals or the environment in need. By walking 800 kilometers to Paris.

Before: Here is Henry Moore's arrival in Paris.  He made the trip from Manchester in October and November last year.

Morris tells VG that the background to the trip to Ibiza is also to raise money for charity.

– I bet on collecting at least 100 thousand pounds this time.

Rudder last extension

Before the concert, the 21-year-old planned to run a marathon, meaning 42 km, every day.

Morris says: “Now I train for five hours a day to prepare for the trip.”

A Long Journey: This is what the road looks like for Henry Morris.  A big party awaits in Ibiza.

The Englishman is fully aware that both the UK and Ibiza are surrounded by water, and points out that he has no plans to “take the shortcut” by using ferries to cross. Now the Morrises are looking for opportunities to row across the sea from Denia to Ibiza.

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It is about 100 kilometers long. So far the journey from the UK to France is still on a ferry.

What's your ultimate way to get to the party?

-My family is very excited, but also a little worried about the trip. “They and several friends will travel to meet me in Ibiza when I arrive,” says Morris.