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I'm the boss here.  Moniz pulls gallons on TVI and prepares to end 'Christina Ferreira era' - Nacional

I’m the boss here. Moniz pulls gallons on TVI and prepares to end ‘Christina Ferreira era’ – Nacional

turned! Jose Eduardo Muniz, general manager of TVI, has already taken over territories belonging to Cristina Ferreira. The Entertainment and Fiction Director (hierarchically below Muniz) is clearly maintaining the position and work she has developed, but Muniz has already made her hand feel in the entertainment business with the goal of reversing the dominance of SIC, the fast-paced leader for more than 40 months. And Moniz moved on…and won: the premiere of Test de Fidelidade with João Kléber (who was the station star for nearly 20 years with Fiel ou Infiel), on the 22nd, was the most watched program at the time.

At the TVI ceremony, where he arrived early and in a good mood, accompanied by his wife Manuela Mora Geddes, Muniz explained the strategy: “Our desire is to resume leadership in many areas of our activity: fiction, journalism and entertainment. We dedicate ourselves to that and this is what we want to be.”

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After rumors of a separation between the two, the announcer put an end to the situation and announced herself to her friend.

Confident, the TVI director went further, promising to wreak havoc on the competition. “We will be very surprised in the coming months. September is just the beginning. From there, there are many steps to take. I usually say this is the beginning of my journey here, it is the beginning of ours.” And so that there is no doubt, he emphasized that there is “a lot of work” ahead: “Wait for us in the next few months … six, seven, eight months, and then you will see what TVI really is.”

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Original novels will advance

One of the changes occurred in the fictional literature, with the change of staff of “Sres Papis”, with the departure of José Fidalgo and Paulo Perez, and their replacement by Graciano Dias and Marco Delgado (only Pedro Sousa remains). Although it is a department under the tutelage of Cristina Ferreira, José Eduardo Muniz has also worked and approved authors María João Costa and María João Mira to move forward with their work. One for this year and one for early 2023.

Added to this is “Big Brother,” which Cristina promises “to be different” from what has already been done and “other products,” Muniz adds.

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