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In 2024, Rock in Rio has changed its location. And there is already a confirmed headline – HR

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At 10.the The edition of the Rock in Rio festival will take place on 15, 16, 22 and 23 June 2024, with the new rock city in a new location – Parque Tejo Lisboa.

The news doesn’t stop there. The festival invited Ed Sheeran, who performed for the first time in Portugal in 2014, specifically at Palco Mundo do Rock in Rio Lisbon, to return to Cidade do Rock. The artist is thus the confirmed first name for the tenth edition.the A version of the festival, headlines June 16 and takes in Palco Mundo’s great hits and their latest songs from their fall album Variations.

This new location will maintain the capacity of the previous venue, in Parque da Bella Vista, to hold 80,000 people. The Palco Mundo clearing area will have the same dimensions as the Palco Mundo clearing area in Parque da Bella Vista, but an additional 30,000 square meters will be used to provide convenience for the public to move around and to bring new attractions.

The new Cidade do Rock will also allow improvements to Parque Tejo Lisboa in terms of infrastructure, which will be built for the event and which will later be used in the park as shade and sanitary infrastructure.

Palco Mundo, which in this edition will benefit from the backdrop between the Tagus River and the Vasco da Gama Bridge, will continue to welcome the greatest national and international artists and will present an audio-visual show in celebration of its 20th anniversary that takes place daily in the clearing.

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Galp Music Valley also returns to Cidade do Rock, confirming Galp as the main sponsor for another edition. The theater will continue to present relevant national and international musical proposals, for all ages and musical styles.

Another novelty in this edition is that Cidade do Rock will have a new stage, which appears as part of the festival’s strategy to enhance the musical offer by bringing more large-scale concerts to its entertainment list.

Continuing the visit to the new city of rock, the Super Bock digital stage will also be present at the 20th anniversary edition of the festival, which will offer an entertainment experience with music, dance and humour, showcasing the most viral moments of the past 20 years. It features the internet stars who will make up the next twenty.

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