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In a Crop-Top in a Church: Benjamin Ledic sentenced for his defamatory video

In a Crop-Top in a Church: Benjamin Ledic sentenced for his defamatory video

The fake influencer of the social networking site Dictok has condemned a video of him dancing on a crop-top at a Parisian church. The case caused a stir in February.

Justice has now condemned this young “influential” Benjamin Ledge who was persecuted after releasing a video that was considered obscene in church. An interim order issued on April 22 found the young man guilty of non-cash damages.

“I face the perseverance of this young man Than these videos onlineI have decided to bring the case before a Paris court as a summary, as he has repeatedly denied the proposed dialogue and compromise, “the priest recalled.

A fine of more than 4000 euros

Justice in its conclusion affirms the authority of the priest who is inside the building. “Any action other than worship must be approved by the ordained priest. In this case, two videos were made inside the church of Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis and then broadcast on the TikTok social network, without prior permission from the priest, regardless of whether it was an art show or not.” He clearly underestimated the religious significance of the place. ” Refers to the order issued by the religious site Aletia.

“Distributing these videos to millions of people and refusing to remove them necessarily caused moral damage to Mr. Pierre Vivares.

As reported C messageThe young man will have to pay him 2 2,500 in damages and யூ 2,000 in legal costs.

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