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In health and disease... ″

In health and disease… ″



Jessica Jeremias couldn’t stand to see her teammate in pain after injury in the Porto Benfica classic, as she counted on the championship. [vitória dos azuis e brancos por 3-1].

Jessica Jeremias, partner of Porto player Wilson Manava, was asked in a question-and-answer session on Instagram Stories if she had been stitched up to the chin. [aparece com um curativo nessa zona].

The answer was in the affirmative and was accompanied by an explanation of what had happened: he fainted when he saw the Dragons defender in pain after the injury he sustained in the derby against Benfica in anticipation of the tournament. [vitória dos azuis e brancos por 3-1].

“I took [pontos]. I opened my chin and had to sew, all this Wilson’s night [Manafá] He was injured,” he began to answer, before explaining:

“I’m sensitive to anything blood or more sensitive situations. When I was with him right after his injury I started to feel bad seeing him in pain and not being able to do anything. Not to get on the road, I walked away to see if I was feeling better, until I fainted helplessly. And no strength. However, we are together in health and disease.”

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