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In mourning, Jose Raposo leaves an emotional message for one of his sons

In mourning, Jose Raposo leaves an emotional message for one of his sons

Actor José Raposo was not indifferent to the post that the eldest son, Miguel Raposo, made via Instagram.

He passed away on May 13th Maria João Abreu, At age 57, after two aneurysms ruptured. Since then, the salute has doubled to an actressOn social networks, by fans, family and friends.

Using Instagram, Miguel RaposoThe eldest son of Maria João Abreu broke the silence after the death of his mother. “It serves this post to thank everyone for the tremendous affection they have sent me. I still can’t answer all messages, because there are so many people who liked it. This is so beautiful. And every night, I read more words of comfort and I reply more people She began to confirm the actor, 35 years old.

“The sea of ​​care they took with me is never ending. That is why I would like to leave a lot of thanks and appreciation here, for the generosity. There is no word, nothing, that can measure this pain but the pain is superseded by the realization that luck is to be born of someone like this. I am full of love because such a mother. She lives in me. She lives in the people I touched. We will always love her.

The tribute caused an uproar in the post’s comment box. Until Jose Raposo He couldn’t resist leaving a sentimental message. The actor wrote, “I love you son, I love you,” adding prof Emoji Heart shaped.

Remember, Miguel Raposo is the result of the marriage of Maria Joao Abreu and Jose Raposo, which ended in the meantime. The former spouses have another son: Ricardo Raposo, 28 years old.