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Em Portugal já há postos onde o combustível ultrapassa os 2€/L

In Portugal there are already stations where fuel exceeds 2 euros / liter

The rise in fuel prices is a reality. In terms of increases, diesel rose 3.5 cents, and gasoline 2.5 cents. There is news that the bus sector may go bankrupt with the increase in fuel prices and that some companies may leave Portugal.

In our country there are already stations where fuel exceeds 2 euros / liter.

Gasoline price exceeded 2 euros / liter at a service station in Beja

According to data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG), the price of diesel has risen 38 times and has fallen only eight times since the beginning of the year. Gasoline has increased 30 times and fallen only seven times since January. You are DGEG data It turns out that the average price of a liter of gasoline 95 in Portugal currently costs 1.717 euros while the price of diesel is 1.518 euros.

In the photo circulated on social media, it is possible to see that the final price of gasoline exceeded 2 euros / liter. This post is located in Baja.

In Portugal there are already stations where fuel exceeds 2 euros / liter

According to recent information, even with fuel at maximum values, the government maintains the additional tax rate on petroleum products in the state budget for 2022.

According to the document, “in 2022, the additional tax rate on oil and energy products remains in effect, in the amount of 0.007 euros per liter for gasoline and in the amount of 0.0035 euros per liter for diesel, colored and marked diesels.”

Regarding the increases, last Friday the government approved a law that allows setting maximum marketing margins for simple fuels and bottled LPG. Matos Fernandez, Minister of Environment and Climate Action, to explain That this measure “will allow the government to intervene in a part of the pricing of fuel, the margins of the sellers themselves,” but that “the price of fuel is determined primarily by the price of the primary commodity, which is oil” and “there is no government that has the power to intervene.”

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