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In Shock Live: – It does not protect journalists

In Shock Live: – It does not protect journalists

Palestine TV journalists received news of their long-time colleague’s death live.


He was informed of the colleague’s death during the live broadcast.

Video from a live broadcast by a Palestine TV correspondent Salman Al-Bashir He informed that colleague Mohammed Abu Hatab The killing of the entire family in a bomb attack received much attention on social media over the weekend.

While Al-Bashir was reporting directly from Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza, he received a message that his colleague was among the dead who had been transferred to the hospital, he writes. AP News.

Al-Bashir and the presenter collapsed in tears in a news studio in the West Bank. The video appears. The reporter expresses his shock and sadness as he continues the broadcast:

-We will be killed one by one. We are all victims here, martyrs, at different times.

– No one is following or caring about the extent of this disaster or the violations we are experiencing in Gaza.

Bashir, wearing a helmet and jacket with press badges, reflects on how vulnerable journalists feel:

– There is no international security, no immunity, or anything for these helmets and jackets. There is only one word on our clothes, and nothing else. They don’t protect journalists. We are victims, live on television, says the angry reporter as he takes off his helmet and jacket.

According to the Associated Press, Abu Hatab worked for Palestine TV for 26 years. Eleven people were killed in the attack on the home where he lived with his family, AP News wrote, also indicating that an Israeli defense spokesman said he was not aware of the death.

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Palestine TV, as part of the Palestinian Radio and Television Corporation, has been a public institution affiliated with the Palestinian Authority since 2010.

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