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In the Champions League Dictok |  UEFA Champions League

In the Champions League Dictok | UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League today unveiled its official dictoc account with the aim of entertaining millions of football fans and admirers with big names, big matches and short videos created to celebrate the history of the most valuable club competition in the world.

Account Champions League It will bring its content to the new generation of fans in the existing dictatorial community in 150 countries and 75 languages. Thanks to new story formats, the history of the Champions League has been made up of iconic moments such as the goals of Jindine Zidane, the dance steps of Ronaldinho or the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Subscribers will be able to watch the match behind the scenes and chat with key figures or follow the most important moments in the quest for the glory of the eight clubs still competing to shake the trophy at the end of this season. Final. In Istanbul.

The release of this account highlights UEFA’s mission to make football the most attractive sport in the world. This will significantly improve the global community with more than 185 million social media fans.

Champions League This is the second dictatorial account launched by UEFAEURO2020 In February, the digital entertainment platform was released after becoming the global sponsor of the UEFA European Championships to be held this summer. This account already has over 250,000 subscribers and over 23.65 million videos.

The UEFA Champions League is the most popular sport in the world on many platforms, and you can follow the competition on its official channels.

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