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In the millionaire lawsuit against TVI, Nuno Santos surprises Leonor Boeiras - Nacional

In the millionaire lawsuit against TVI, Nuno Santos surprises Leonor Boeiras – Nacional

Leonor Boyras Already resentful of extending the case she opposes to TVI, The station he represented for 17 years, and He seeks compensation in excess of one million euros. The reason was the cancellation of the witness’s hearing. Nuno Eero and Nuno Santos were unable to attend due to professional reasons and the hearing was eventually postponed.

However, all witnesses involved in the judicial process have already been heard. At the trial hearing on September 28, Nuno Santos was one of the witnesses heard. He was the Program Director for the last few months he was the presenter on TVI.

And the Leonor Boyras ended up being surprised by the comments of TVI’s current CIO and director of CNN. In question, the The presenter allegedly refused to do ‘Somos Portugal’ due to health reasons. “Because of Covid-19, I looked for a solution with a private broadcast, without live bands. Leonor told me that she didn’t do ‘Somos Portugal’ normally for health reasons,” the former director of programs said, according to the testimony of the former director of programs, by TV Mais, also noting In May, he invited him to participate in these special radio programs. “Leonor did not accept. I was quite surprised by the rejection because in the exceptional circumstances, it was a good invitation. It was a difficult period for TVI. The advertising market fell from 60 to 70%. There was supposed to be a shareholder who surrendered. Its caches have been reviewed for all people without exception.” According to the publication, Leonor was not pleased with the former manager’s statement. Former Lieutenant-Colonel I wanted to know if the salaries of presenters Isabel Silva (at the time she was on TVI) and Monica Sintra were also adjusted.To which Nuno Santos replied: “I don’t know.”

“The company viewed Leonor as someone available to work,” Nuno Santos said. The former Program Director will tell the presenter, in May 2020, that, “On the near horizon, there were no continuous and consistent projects on the horizon” And that he could not create “false expectations”, mainly due to the unstable phase that the channel was going through (With several thousand spent due to the postponement of “Big Brother 2020”, presented by Claudio Ramos) And the epidemic.

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