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"In the summer, when it gets worse, I try to walk with water up to my knees," says Liliana Campos, who has a chronic illness.

“In the summer, when it gets worse, I try to walk with water up to my knees,” says Liliana Campos, who has a chronic illness.

Liliana Campos He has been fighting for more than 30 years against a chronic disease called chronic venous diseasewhat or what Corresponds to an abnormality in the functioning of the venous system resulting from the insufficiency of the valves in the veins, whether or not associated with obstruction of venous outflow..

Recently, the SIC presenter gave her testimony about this daily struggle saying that Can’t stand for long. In an interview with new peopleaccording to the televisionLiliana spoke again about the disease she inherited from her parents.

“I was 18 the first time I had surgery. The doctor said he should have surgery, because he could have a clot and cause thrombophlebitis, or go to a vital organ. […] I have already had four operations on the left leg and three times on the right leg, and there is a possibility, If the veins become blocked again, an operation must be performed againinforms the magazine.

Liliana explains that she needs daily care: “Whenever I can, I lift my legs, I have to drink a lot of fluids, and I do my best to have a healthy diet. Going for a walk is good too”, It is to explain. But there is a time of the year when care must be doubled. Now in the summer, when the disease gets worse, because of the heat, I try to walk and the water pulls my knees. […] And if I’m lying in the sun, I put a wet wrap on my legs, because it doesn’t let the sun shine directly and my legs are always fresh.”he added.

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The presenter also said that she is taking medications and undergoing some treatments. At least every six months. “You have to learn to deal with the disease, and then there are these tips and tricks you can do to get better.”Been completed.