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In Toulouse, the children's hospital is always full of children's emergencies

In Toulouse, the children’s hospital is always full of children’s emergencies

At the University of Toulouse Children’s Hospital, emergencies for children from Monday to Sunday record 200 to 220 columns a day. Infections, concentration of liberal shelves, inability for some families to carry expenses: activity can be as high as 70%.

Emergencies for children in April and October, weekends and weekends. Unheard of according to doctors. In Toulouse, the Children’s Hospital currently has 200 to 220 emergency room visits a day. “This is not normal, it’s 50% to 70% more than we should have. Usually, during this period, we make 135 visits on weekdays and 150 to 170 visits on weekends,” said the head of the children’s department at the University Hospital Center (CHU) in Toulouse. Professor Isabel Gladd.

“It’s been like this since September, but since we’ve only talked about Govt, we’ve forgotten that pediatric emergencies were under water. For three weeks the pressure has been so high, especially with consultations. , ”The pediatrician goes on to point out, citing a number of factors. We think the financial aspect plays a role, as we see families who clearly cannot afford the cost of a consultation. Then, as always, there are those who exaggerate, they should seek medical advice, but within a period of time they can make an appointment with the doctor.

“Contact the attending physician if possible”

Unlike the traditional winter, especially in cases of bronchitis, the visit of these counselors does not guarantee hospitalization. But teams that are not free from epidemics show their fatigue.

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“General knowledge should be used and the attending physician first if possible. But although maintenance permanence should begin at 8pm on weekdays and at noon on Saturdays, it is difficult to find medical practices that are open at the end of the day or on Saturday mornings. We need to put more weapons in the service, “said Professor Isabel Cladet, who is eagerly awaiting the opening of the On-Call Medical Center for Children in Bourbon. The hospital has been announced for December 2021 and is still adjourned.