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In ZDF: "A Strong Team: Die on Prosperity" - A Crime Thriller with Fluctuations

In ZDF: “A Strong Team: Die on Prosperity” – A Crime Thriller with Fluctuations

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The thriller “A Strong Team: Die on Ethics” with Florian Martens in ZDF is disturbing at first, but then pulls inside. TV Review.

Frankfurt am Main – Football fans know that a game can have two different parts: in the first 45 minutes it undoubtedly ripples, in the second half one of the two teams speeds up a lot, sports reporters like to have a special tea break or guess. The loud coach would have caused the speech change.

Television films usually last ninety minutes, but of course there is no break, which raises the question of whether director Johannes Greiser has switched tactics in the middle of “Strong Team: Die on Probation” (ZDF). As good as not running chronologically. The difference between the two parts of the film is astonishing, though: the first 45 minutes stretch like chewing gum, but then the plot catches several hooks, and the first half looks like an overly long warming project.

“A Strong Team: Die on Ethics” (ZDF): The second one is a classic

Chapter 85 of ZDF Classic “A Strong Team” begins with forced death: an entrepreneur invites his relatives to talk about his wishes. After putting his last hand to the last will, he fell to his death. Everything points to a heart attack, but the emergency doctor did not feel relieved. In fact, the old man did not die of natural causes: someone took too much of his blood pressure medication and hid that desire. Only one family member is considered guilty: wife (Leslie Malton), stepdaughter (Lisa Marie Jonke) or one of two sons.

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In ZDF: “A strong team: death on probation” – similar to production TV standards

Stories like this have probably already been told in hundreds, thousands, countless crime series and series; Staging is similar to commercial TV standards. Suspicions soon turn to adult children: the eldest son (John C. uterter) is angry that his father did not give it to him, but his half-sister, the management of the family’s largest kidnapping company; Option may have confirmed this personality. But perhaps the old man also wanted to change the order; It will be a burden to the daughter.

The youngest son (Theo Treps) is addicted and needs a lot of loans and money. He too was rejected by his father. Until then, the story follows the tried and tested motto “If you have a family like this, you don’t need enemies.” Tension does not arise for a moment and everything seems very regular. At most, the question of who is the young man (Junis Marlon) who disappeared before the Paulson family, disappears after the death of the Patriot, generates a particular curiosity.

For broadcast

“A Strong Team: Die on Prosperity” October 2, ZDF, 8:15 pm

Broadcast in ZDF Media Library

“A strong team: die on probation” (ZDF): No tension

The last episodes that Greiser filmed for “Strong Team” were far from thrilling, but at least not a waste of time. In addition, the script comes from Jர்கrgen Pomorin, who wrote Leo P. Art is a definite guarantee of good criminal entertainment. The ZDF movie fulfills this promise in the second half, when the two women took center stage. The comparison to football comes to mind again because the new forces bring a lot of movement to the managed family image: the old Paulsen, who humiliated his wife for decades because of his relationship with his ex-partner, is not a child of tragedy.

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“A Strong Team: Die on Ethics” in ZDF

Characters And their cast
Lynette Wacho Stephanie Stephenbeck
Otto Carper Florian Martens
Sebastian Klogner Matty Fast
Recover Arnfried Lersey
Sputnik Jackie Schwartz
Dr. Gabriel Simgade Eva Sixth
Erica Paulson Leslie Malton
Jens Paulson John C. uterter
Sabine Paulson Lisa Marie Jonke
Lucas Paulson According to Treps

Anyone who does not say goodbye for a long time to “A Strong Team: Death on Ethics” (ZDF) after 45 minutes will be compensated by the many capers of the plot, especially the slightly jazz music (Jens Longbean, Robert Schultz Heming). In terms of performance, the film, with the actors not exactly excited, has an average crime level. Some personal conversation scenes where Otto Carper and Lynette Wacho talk about their last choice are very desirable, but otherwise Florian Martens and Stephanie Stephenbeck seem to be the challenge.

As a colleague Klugner, Mattie Fast has at least one or another cool look. The comedy level is half fun: the group goes on a corporate trip to a racing office, where the group boss Redemon (Arnfried Lerch) gets a taste and immediately becomes a gambler. However, the most interesting character in the story is played by Gert Silperber as a homeless man who gives the young man an insight: life is not a film that guarantees a happy ending; In a surprising way he was a genius who was completely wrong in his own case. (Tillman P. Gangloff)