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Inácio: «I know the future of Sérgio Conceição, now I don't know the future of FC Porto without Conceição» - FC Porto

Inácio: «I know the future of Sérgio Conceição, now I don’t know the future of FC Porto without Conceição» – FC Porto

Former footballer Augusto Inácio was conservative about the Dragon’s future if he left Sérgio Conceição, at a dinner to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the FC Porto in Vienna.

The dinner, which was held in Centro Luso-Venezuela, attended by about 800 Porto supporters, was attended by 13 European champions from 1987, including Fernando Gomez, Juari, Joao Pinto, Jaime Magalhães and Augusto Inacio, as well as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Pinto da Costa’s presidency. .

“Sergio was the best player in Porto. In the future, I don’t see Porto without Sergio Conceicao. I know what the future of Sergio Conceicao will be, now the future of Porto without Sergio Conceicao is not like that. Let’s know more,” said Inacio, on the sidelines of the dinner.

In the victory in 1987, after the 2-1 victory over Bayern Munich, achieved by a comeback signed by Majer and Jawari, the former full-back recalled the “epic” match.

“It was an amazing journey for all of us, for the club and for Portuguese football. In 1984 we lost the cup final, but the team was really ready to make a name for itself in Europe. That match was epic. 1-0 against great favorites Bayern Munich. The fans lifted their way to the stadium. They hold hands to say we’re going to be defeated. It’s been 35 years and it feels like yesterday. It was a happy moment for all of us,” he recalls.

The bottle was also there and Comment on Al FatehWhich only happens “in dreams”.

The former midfielder said in the match: “Something that only happened in dreams happened and this dream came true, and of course, it was natural that this club in the final represented great happiness and great pride, which marked the history of FC Porto.” event margin.

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