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Income support is paid today (and incrementally).  Remember who is receiving it

Income support is paid today (and incrementally). Remember who is receiving it

a This Wednesday, February 7, Social Security implements… – Payment of exceptional income support via bank transferThis is according to the published calendar. Since this payment refers to the previous month, i.e. January, it means that it comes with Enhancement scheduled for 2024.

At the beginning of last month, remember, Social Security explained to News by the minute The income support payment – and its boost – is paid back to the previous month, which means that it is only now, in February, that the January amount is paid.

A source from the organization said, “Income support is disbursed by reference to the previous month, meaning that in January 2024, the December 2023 amount is paid.” News by the minute.

This means that “The update for 2024 will be implemented in February compared to January 2024 and so on“, explained the same source.

To relieve pressure on tenants with this expected increase in 2024, Income support has been extended by 4.94%.. This is related to increasing the support granted to families whose effort exceeds 35% when paying rent.

It should be noted that this measure is included in the state budget for 2024 and covers about 185,000 tenants.

Who is entitled to receive it?

According to DECO PROteste, families who meet the following cumulative conditions (they must all meet) are eligible for this support:

  • Have tax residency in Portugal;
  • A lease or sublease contract for the first house signed on March 15, 2023 and registered with the Ministry of Finance;
  • Annual family income not exceeding the sixth bracket of the IRS (up to €38,632);
  • Effort rate equal to or greater than 35% of annual income with annual rental fees.
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Furthermore, “this support is also granted to those who are not required to file an annual IRS return and to those who benefit from retirement, superannuation, survivor's pensions or benefits under voluntary social insurance granted to research fellows.”

Recipients of the following social benefits can also receive support, as long as the annual household income does not exceed Step 6 of the IRS (up to €38,632):

  • Old age, survivorship, disability or social pension;
  • unemployment benefit;
  • Providing parenting;
  • Sickness and occupational illness benefits (with a grant period of no less than one month);
  • Social inclusion income;
  • Social provision for inclusion;
  • Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly;
  • Support allowance for the main informal carer.

This month's payment schedule has already been released by Social Security.

News per minute | 07:17 – 01/02/2024

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