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Increase the minimum wage?  Presidents “kick the ball” to the government

Increase the minimum wage? Presidents “kick the ball” to the government

HeyEmployers warn that the decision to increase the minimum wage above the value expected for next year is in the hands of the government, as there is no room for such increases except with counterparts. Tax cuts are one such example.

“If there is a set of responses from the government that we consider sufficient, then when discussing the Social Consultation Agreement we will be able to open the door to discussion on all these points.”João Vieira López, from the National Council of Employer Federations, told SIC Notícias.

this way, Employers’ associations demand a reduction in corporate taxes, a reduction in IRC, VAT on construction and fuel and the creation of investment incentives..

Remember on Sunday the Prime Minister referred to the negotiations in the social consultation The size of the IRS reduction in 2024. He confirmed that the government will not stop increasing the minimum wage above 810 euros next year..

“There is a proposal from the UGT that the increase in the minimum wage next year will be higher than expected in the agreement, 830 euros. Today I saw statements by engineer Vieira Lopez, president of the trade union – which currently leads the group of employers’ associations – To say that on the part of employers’ unions there is openness to discuss increasing the minimum wage. Therefore, we are currently in dialogue in social coordination“Costa said.

However, for the Prime Minister, “if employers are available to discuss a 7% increase, and if employers are available to make a higher than expected increase, then certainly there can be an approach to something, for everyone, that is consistent with the 15th month.” .

“Not on a voluntary basis, but on the basis of a right enjoyed by everyone who works effectively,” he declared, before refusing to reopen the debate on the possibility of reducing the unified social tax.

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