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Increased pressure to postpone reopening after infection was registered in the UK

Increased pressure to postpone reopening after infection was registered in the UK

It’s been two months since the UK’s high infection rates were last recorded until Friday.

More than 4,000 cases of infection have been recorded, and the R number is now more than 1, he writes independent. This means that the infection is increasing.

The newspaper writes that the sharp increase in the number of new cases has put pressure on the British government to wait for more cases to reopen.

On June 21, the plan is to present the final step in the reopening plan, Step 4. This includes removing all actions involving social contact, opening nightclubs and increasing the number of participants in public events.

Alarm turns on

Several experts have sounded the alarm about Johnson’s schedule.

Professor Timothy Gowers at Cambridge University says Watchman It “could have very, very rapid consequences” if the government incorrectly assessed risk factors such as new viral variants.

Gowers says the disadvantage of being more careful is little less than the disadvantage of being more careful.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson thinks it’s too early to say at this point what they should and shouldn’t do.

Johnson said the increase in the Indian virus variant in the UK meant that “we may have to wait” for more measures to be removed Watchman Thursday. But he also said that “the data at the moment” did not indicate that.

Up to a third of all cases detected in the UK are now infected with the Indian virus variant. The variable was linked to an increase in cases in various places across the country.

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However, it is not clear to the authorities at present whether the increase in the number of infected people is due to the fact that activity in the population is high, or whether it is because the Indian variant is afflicting more, the Guardian writes.

Professor: Better if we wait

Professor Christina Bagel of London Global University believes that one should wait for the introduction of Step 4 in the reopening plan until more people are fully vaccinated.

“If we can postpone travel to other countries and stage 4 until a much larger proportion of the population is vaccinated with two doses, then we are much better off,” she told The Independent.

We’re only two months away from that, and it wasn’t long to wait. What I don’t want, she says, is that new measures have to be introduced.

If you have to introduce new measures after the reopening, the measures will be introduced locally or regionally, says Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia.

Such a tactic is used in Norway.

The number of hospital admissions in the UK also increased in the past week. The increase is 25 percent, according to The Independent. According to experts spoken to by the newspaper, the deciding factor in whether the community will open further on June 21 is whether the vaccines work or not.

The vaccine definitely appears to be working. Dr Helen Wall, in charge of the vaccination program in Bolton, England, says the number of people infected is roughly the same.

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More than half of the adult population in the UK has received at least one dose of vaccine. In Norway, nearly 30 percent received the first dose.