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Increasing revenues is the main priority for European companies in 2024

Increasing revenues is the main priority for European companies in 2024

Spanish and Danish managers are the ones highlighting increasing revenues as their main priority this year, according to a report by European expense management platform Pleo.

In a year still marked by inflation, problems in supply chains and challenges in terms of human resources, European companies point to increasing revenues as the main priority in 2024.

The conclusion was included in a report released on Monday by European expense management platform Pleo, after analyzing the impact of digital transformation on European companies through a survey conducted among nearly three thousand managers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

“As a key business priority, European managers considered ‘increasing revenues’ to be the main priority in 2024. In percentage terms, Spanish decision makers came up with the highest value, at 77%, while 55% of Danish managers listed this priority.” , he says.

Regarding the current state of digital transformation, he concludes that “the majority of European managers are currently implementing digital transformation strategies and even having a positive impact on the workplace,” noting that “improving efficiency, competitive advantage and innovation are emerging as key determining factors.” To implement a digital transformation strategy, while also highlighting improved customer relations and sustainability.

Regarding the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial operations, “the majority of managers are of the opinion that CFOs and finance teams do not need to have a comprehensive understanding of AI (generative or not) in order to implement it in financial operations.” In percentage terms, “French decision-makers appear to be the most valuable, at 46%, while 34% of British managers see no such need.”

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