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Independence Day: American stars celebrated July 4th

Independence Day: American stars celebrated July 4th

Independence Day
American Stars Celebrated July 4th

America celebrates its Independence Day. Congratulations to former President Barack Obama.

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July 4 is Independence Day in the United States. Many American stars congratulated their birthdays on social media.

Every year on July 4th there is a show in the United States, concerts, exhibitions, fireworks and parades across the country. However, due to the Corona crisis, a lot has been canceled, but of course American stars will not be allowed to take a national holiday and will show on social media how proud they are of their country.

Barack Obama

The Obamas not only celebrated July 4th, but also the birthday of their daughter Malia Obama (23). So former US President Barack Obama (59) shared a snapshot from the past on InstagramIt shows him with Malia who was still young at the time. “Happy fourth day of July and birthday, Malia,” Obama wrote on Instagram. “It was always a pleasure to see how you went your own way with peace, kindness and humor. I miss the days when you thought crackers were for you.” Of course, Uncle Michael Obama (57) wrote a birthday post to the United States and Malia: “I know she will always be my sweetest girl …”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

As usual, the native Austrian also sporty on his new Instagram post. Arnold Schwarzenegger (73) sends his birthday greetings from Cross to the United States on a T-shirt with the American flag on his bike. “Congratulations on July 4th! I will always say that I was born in Austria and raised in the United States.” In his post, the former governor of California stands in front of a shop in Cross, where he discovered a magazine that encouraged him to move to the United States when he was 15 years old. “My dreams would have been impossible anywhere else, so today and every day I am grateful to the United States. I will always fight to make our country better every day because it is not easy to be the biggest country in the world. We have to work our butt better and better. That is patriotism.” Writes on Instagram.

Courtney Cox

Actress Courtney Cox, 57, spent July 4 with her two friends, Jennifer Aniston, 52, and Lisa Kudrow, 57. The three actresses are still very close and still in close contact 17 years after the end of the cult series “Friends”.

Will Smith

On July 4, Will Smith, 52, recalled a truly classic movie on Instagram: “Independence Day”. The film is titled American Independence Day. The 52-year-old actor shared pictures from the film set, which is unbelievable that he is already 25 years old. “25 years ago ?? Wow,” the actor wrote in that post.

Diane Kruger

Actress Diane Krooker, 44, is currently dating actor and boyfriend Norman Reedes, 52. The 44-year-old shared a photo of the two from the beach and only wrote “US” – USA. The actress presents this post with many heart emojis. “US” can also stand for “we”. The couple has been happily together for five years and have been parents since 2018.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook father Mark Zuckerberg, 37, spent American Independence Day adventurously for water. The 37-year-old released a short video of his flightboarding. The businessman proudly displayed his flight board skills and went over the water with a large American flag for a minute. “Congratulations on the fourth of July,” he wrote of the video.

Americans are celebrating their Independence Day for the 245th time. In 1776 the former thirteen British colonies were first referred to as the United States.


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