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India sets new record for deaths - more than 4,000 in a single day - VG

India sets new record for deaths – more than 4,000 in a single day – VG

Overloading: Hospitals do not have sufficient capacity to receive everyone who needs help. In many places in the country, patients have to wait outside of hospitals to get a free bed. Photo: DIVYAKANT SOLANKI / EPA

In India, the crisis is getting worse by the day. For the first time, more than 4,000 deaths from the Coronavirus were recorded in one day.


In the past 24 hours, 4,187 people have died from the virus. He informs the Indian authorities on Saturday.

Thus, the total death toll has risen to 238,270 since the outbreak of the pandemic last spring. Also, 401,078 infected people were recorded on Saturday. 21.9 million Indians have been infected so far.

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However, experts believe that there are large numbers in darkness, and that the true number of injured and dead could be five to ten times greater.

While the infection has begun to spread in major cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai, the virus is spreading rapidly in southern India and the countryside, as well as in West Bengal state with the city of Kolkata.

Watch how the infection recorded in India gained momentum from the beginning of March onwards:

Pressed to shutdown

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under mounting pressure to impose a tight nationwide lockdown, despite the economic difficulties that may ensue.

Health experts, opposition leaders, and the country’s Supreme Court justices agreed to the demand for national restrictions. They say the mixture of local measures is not enough to slow the outbreak.

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The situation has gotten so bad that even merchants, who knew their businesses would be affected, are now calling for a complete shutdown. And they don’t see any other solution.

Only if health is good can we earn money, says Aruna Ramji, who owns a flower shop in Bengaluru.

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Waiting outside of hospitals

Indian TV broadcasts pictures of people lying on stretchers outside hospitals while waiting for their admission. There is a shortage of beds and oxygen in the hospitals.

A battle for the place: Many critically ill people have to wait outside hospitals because there aren’t enough beds for everyone. Photo: DIVYAKANT SOLANKI / EPA

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In the countryside, patients are being treated in makeshift open-air hospitals, with IV drops hanging from trees. Crematoriums and burial orchards are so crowded and crowded that people have to wait for hours with the corpses of their loved ones before they can escape.

Across the country, people queue for hours to fill an oxygen cylinder for family members infected with the Coronavirus:

Large crowd: Here, people wait hours to refill their oxygen tanks to help severely squeezed family members. Photo: Prakash Singh / AFP

The whole world is looking towards India

The tragic situation has put pressure on authorities in many other countries, which suffer from inadequate health systems and poor access to vaccines.

In Africa, they see more fear in the future, not least because India is an important producer of vaccines and now has to spend everything on its population.

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The contagion situation began to develop in the wrong direction in February, partly due to new virus variants, but at least because politicians have opened up to large religious and political gatherings.