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India: – The body was going to be cremated – I woke up to a hole in the road

India: – The body was going to be cremated – I woke up to a hole in the road

Darshan Singh Brar, 80, from the northern Indian state of Haryana, died on Thursday last week in a hospital in the city of Patiala.

Four days after he was placed on a ventilator, the man's heart stopped beating, and doctors declared his death.

At Karnal's home, the 80-year-old's family gathered to mourn and receive the body, which was to be taken to her hometown for cremation.

Everything is ready

– He was scheduled to be brought home for his last rites. We informed relatives and locals about Grandpa's death, and set up a big tent in the park where everyone gathered to mourn. His grandson Balwan Singh told Indian media that food had also been prepared, adding:

-We've got wood to burn the body.

The grandson sat next to his grandfather in the ambulance to join him on his final journey.

But when the ambulance passed over a hole in the road, the 80-year-old's heart suddenly started beating again.

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This was reported by several Indian media outlets, among others Tribune, Times now And India Times.

The grandson was the first to notice that the grandfather suddenly moved his hand.

– miracle

The route was suddenly changed, and the 80-year-old man was taken to a nearby hospital. There doctors confirmed the incredible: the man was alive.

-It's a miracle. Hopefully grandpa will recover soon. “It is God’s blessing that he is now breathing again, and hopefully he will get better quickly,” Singh tells the Tribune.

The man has now been admitted to hospital in his hometown of Karnal. The India Times reported that the 80-year-old man's condition was serious.

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