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Indian minister calls for 'great flexibility' to pass decisions

Indian minister calls for ‘great flexibility’ to pass decisions

Speaking on behalf of the BASIC Group, which includes Brazil, South Africa, India and China, Bhubandar Yadav said in a speech at the closing plenary of the 26th UN Climate Summit (COP26), held in Glasgow.

He added that BASIC countries “committed to ambitious climate action without forgetting the serious development challenges we face at home.”

Yadav called on developed countries to “move forward not only to meet their emissions reduction commitments, but also to accelerate financing, technology transfer and skills development in developing countries.”

While noting “encouraging signs” in various areas and progress in terms of funding, he noted “deep concern about the lack of mechanisms to implement these measures.” The Twenty-sixth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) formally adopted a final declaration with an amendment At the last minute it was proposed by India to soften the call to end the use of coal.

The change was proposed by Bhubandar Yadav, who asked to change the wording of a clause calling for the phasing out of the use of coal for energy production without taking measures to reduce emissions.

The proposal ended up being approved by the summit chair, Alok Sharma, who said in a stifled voice that he “deeply regrets the way this process has gone”.

The final document adopted, which will be known as the Glasgow Climate Charter, maintains the ambition of the Paris Agreement, reached in 2015, to contain the increase in global temperature by 1.5°C (°C) above average pre-industrial levels. age.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres commented on the agreement reached in Glasgow warning that despite “welcome steps forward, climate catastrophe is still knocking on the door”.

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