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Indiscriminate use of Tadalafil causes risks

Indiscriminate use of Tadalafil causes risks

Erectile dysfunction medications can cause other problems; MC Bin Laden raises debate

newly, MC Bin LadenA participant in the “Big Brother Brasil” program in 2024 is surprised by revealing that he is taking Tadalafil A well-known drug for treating erectile dysfunctionAs part of your training routine.

“I take it because I go to the gym. And rubbish [tadalafila] It is being manipulated. “I don't have low libido.”, He said. This statement raises serious concerns among experts, who warn of the dangers of indiscriminate use of this drug, especially by people who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction.

In an interview with I'm Maria Digital, Thiago Mierzoaa physician who specializes in men's sexual and reproductive medicine, shares his concern in highlighting the risks associated with unsupervised use of Tadalafil to improve physical performance.


“Tadalafil is not a sports supplement and its use without medical advice can lead to serious side effects, including dizziness and heart problems, as well as future problems associated with erectile dysfunction. There is no scientific evidence of this benefit.”Says the urologist and andrologist.

Tadalafil works by dilating blood vessels, which may result in a temporary increase in blood flow during exercise. But the drug was not developed for this purpose and the warning concerns the dangers of seeking shortcuts in physical performance without professional supervision.

Mierzwa points out that self-treatment with tadalafil can lead to serious health consequences, including cardiovascular complications and unwanted side effects. “Furthermore, continued use can lead to psychological dependence on the drug, and as a result, an erection will only be possible by taking it. In other words, the drug will not improve an already existing erection or make it last longer. I always recommend that any use This medication is administered under medical supervision and strictly for the purpose for which it was originally prescribed.Reaffirms.

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MC Bin Laden's statement highlights the influence of public figures in spreading potentially harmful practices. Health authorities reinforce the importance of raising awareness about the risks associated with the irresponsible use of medicines and encouraging the population to seek information from health professionals before adopting practices.