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Ines Castel Branco shows off her "dream" home under construction

Ines Castel Branco shows off her “dream” home under construction

The heroine of the TV series “Para Semper” (TVI) is so eager to enter her “dream” house that she shares a photo of it on social media, which is still under construction.

Ines Castel Branco

The house is still under construction however Enis Castel Branco She shared a picture of it on her Instagram. “I’m about to move into my dream home,” the actress wrote in the post.

Sharing the protagonist 🇧🇷forever” (TVI) She quickly received reactions from followers, including actress Joanna Ribeiro, whose comment was “Vizinhaaaaaa.”

In view of this, it can be said that this year has been good for the daughter of Luisa Castel Branco, commentator of Queluz de Baixo. This is because this summer, the actress announced her opinion on her new love.

Thus, the actress shared the result of the campaign, which she did with her friend, the chef Ricardo Salsa, “I am joined by the most handsome man in the world,” she wrote.

Ines Castel Branco40, has been single since 2019, the year the relationship with the actor ended Pedro Souza🇧🇷 And now she’s in love with the chef who created Honest Home Food, a project that makes meals at home.

Remember, however, that the actress has a son, Simonaged 11, as a result of an affair with Felipe Pinto Soareswith whom he was separated when the child was not even two years old.

The action takes place in the actress’s dream home

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