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Inês Gutierrez and João Montez reveal the gender of the child: "Everything seems unreal ..."

Inês Gutierrez and João Montez reveal the gender of the child: “Everything seems unreal …”

Couple Ines Gutierrez and Joao Montez announced on Instagram the gender of their first child.

It was through Instagram Agnes Gutierrez NS John Montez They revealed that they are waiting for a girl. “Our love bubble will receive a doll. This day was unforgettable, probably one of the most exciting things in my life. I always wait for the moment when I wake up from this dream. Is it possible that I will be able to collect that much love in the same square meter ?Our family and our friends, who are family, and to realize that so many hearts are bursting with joy. It all seems unreal…”, he began writing to PresenterExplaining the revelation in the video.

“I’ve already told you that sharing is what I value most and that’s why I try to strengthen my friendships, my being in the family, with the little time left, and that I struggle daily for my relationship with Joao…if that’s the formula that makes me feel like the girl the most Good luck on earth, everything is very simple. I am sure of one thing: this child will be surrounded by beautiful people and love will never be lacking,” he added.

Joao Montez was also “uncovered” by the girl’s arrival. “Out of our love bubble, a girl came out. Literally! We gathered family and friends who are home and revealed what was to come: the anxiety of any parent or girl. Since yesterday, I can only think deeply of myself ‘I’m lucky from now on, I live for them,'” I will tell you. My little dolls! There are no words to thank you for yesterday. Another important day for those days, you know? Thank you, thank you and thank you, for all of this! “, to thank Presenter.

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Now watch the video shared by Inês Gutierrez and João Montez.