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Ines Heredia shows a video of her children's baptism and talks about the church

Ines Heredia shows a video of her children’s baptism and talks about the church

Inês Herédia used her Instagram account to share with her followers a unique moment to christen her children, twins Luís and Tomás. It is a video in which the actress appears singing at the ceremony, accompanied by a reflection, in a tone of relief, of her relationship with the church.

“The baptism of my children was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was me, my family and my friends who were present. Especially the non-believers. For an atheist, it is not every day one goes to baptism like this one lives and thinks like this, for a Catholic, the children of mothers are not baptized every day,” he notes. .

“I was educated Catholic at home and school, with a very present life in the church. I got into my teens and questioned everything, questioned everyone, left church and my parents forced nothing on me,” he asserts.

“At some point in my freshman year of college I decided to get in the car and go to mass on my own any Sunday. It moved me so much that I think in my 3 year graduating year I studied more theology than hotel management. I don’t understand why you did it I felt good there, but he felt,” he asserts, noting that he still doesn’t understand that connection.

Over the years, as I came to understand and accept my homosexuality, I have relatively moved away from this place where I feel satisfied, but the world, society, the weight of history and institutions kept telling me that I wasn’t everything. This is welcome there. Or was it but with conditions. Everything is actually still short circuits. Today it saddens me to know that I can’t be treated like the immediate friend I have around the corner‘, mint.

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He finally says, “I live in the utopia to believe that one day everything will be reversible and that love may in fact be the only law. Perhaps that’s what I love after all. This utopia. I don’t know.”

Read the full text and watch the video in the following post:

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