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Ines Iris Pereira is going through a very delicate moment during her second pregnancy

Ines Iris Pereira He turned to social media to reveal the most sensitive phase he is going through. actress who recently She announced that she is pregnant with her second childHe was said to have suffered a placental abruption.

“I was going to be on ‘Cristina Comvida,’ and we were going live, and all of a sudden I started losing blood. I started losing a lot of blood, a lot of blood”, He began by pointing out, referring to a post he was going to give on Wednesday, 18th, on TVI. The actress immediately went to the hospital “Despair”.

“It was very clear that I was losing my baby and when I went for the check up he was there, he was alive and his heart was beating”, She says her eyes tear up. ““It was a lot of blood” and “I’m going to lose, right?” I told the doctor. “Yes, it’s actually been a lot of blood, but it happens all the time Ennis. She wasn’t the first today and probably won’t be the last. These things happen,” she said. “It’s a punch in the stomach.” continue, adding : “I really hope this baby can catch the inside of my tummy.”

Now you will have to stay between One to two weeks of rest. “See if that stops. If I can handle that little kid inside,” She wishes, she asks everyone who follows her on social networks to send her “the best energies.

Ines says she thought about whether or not to speak publicly about it. What made her decide to do this was to remember other people who went through the same thing and share their stories. “There is a need to feel companionship”, She says, explaining that she found the strength there and that she intends to be a strength for other women who may go through or will suffer a similar situation.

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“I want to tell my story. Bleeding happens during pregnancy. Pregnancy losses happen. It’s normal and it’s so wonderful to talk about it so that when it happens to us, we feel like we’re not alone, and we don’t feel like it’s only happening to me, when it’s the most natural thing in the world.” the world “.